Do you know every kind of flower has a unique emotional response associated with it?

Do you know every kind of flower has a unique emotional response associated with it?

Every flower holds its unique meaning. Every flower symbolizes an emotional response to a situation or an event. In fact, even the color of the same type of flower holds different meaning for different occasions. For example, red roses symbolize love and romance and a bunch of white roses helps you express your feelings for a solemn occasion like a loss or an illness. Want to tell someone that you are sorry but cannot muster up the courage to use words? You can send yellow roses to the person. What flowers you use, and what colors you use to express different feelings and emotions, depend on your cultural and social background, but the underlying meaning is more or less the same. Tastes and preferences when it comes to sending flowers have pretty much become global. This is why, on Valentine’s Day there is a mad scramble for red roses and the roadside flower shops make a killing that day.But not everyone knows the meaning of every flower. Yes, you definitely know why you want to send red roses, but do you know why you should send lilies?

Are you wondering why that pretty office colleague stopped talking to you when you sent her a bouquet of yellow carnations?

What about Gerberas? Ever heard of them? Orchids?

Let’s find out the meanings of various flowers that you can send for various occasions and to express unique emotions.

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